The great reveal of my apartment in Copenhagen

I know I have been writing blogs at randomly these days. Some are from very before and some are from recently. But since I have a bunch of themes and topics that I would like to share, I have decided to pick one topic every morning, which can easily motivate me and be able to describe more in detail and realism.

Well, I picked the topic about my apartment in Copenhagen today. Actually, this was one of my purposes coming to Denmark to know how Danes living their life surrounded by nice design and how they use it in everyday life. The experience living in the apartment of centrum Copenhagen gave me a lot of inspiration and new ideas (which was more than I expected) and even you are able to be more creative.

Since I came here, I was surprised by people’s thought and sense of interior design in many aspects of daily life. Although it might be a bit longer writing than the others, I hope you would like it.


Now I have been sharing the apartment with a Danish guy who I met in NY. Or probably I should say he is the owner and I am renting the room from him even though I am the one who is staying more in the apartment normally.

Nowadays in Copenhagen, the number of people has been increasing so that the demands exceed the number of existing apartments. For that reason, finding the apartment is so difficult. I was also struggling before coming to Copenhagen. I registered some pages which you can search the apartment and reach the people who are looking for flatmates. Even when you thought you found a quite nice one, it will be gone in a second. The worse thing is when you are in Japan, you can not see and visit right away so that you have to find where they still have time before moving in. I was like almost giving up living in the centrum Copenhagen and started to consider living a bit away from the center. One month later, when I talked about that situation to my current roommate, he told me his roommate was moving out soon and I can move into that room. Oh my god, I was so happy and excited because that apartment was kind of my ideal place (I have visited before so I knew the place already). Sometimes your dream comes true in a second. This was the first time my connection works. (The network and connection are so important in Denmark when you find a place to live and work).  Anyway, I will show you this apartment with my life experience. *Got permission from my roommate.

The apartment has an entrance, a dining room with opened kitchen, a living room, 2 bedrooms, and bathroom.

Let’s start with this living room. You can see a beautiful view of a church and full of green (even in the autumn they are still green). Surprisingly, this brick wall is made by my roommate. He said he carried up all the bricks to this room … it is hard to imagine how heavy they were to carry without elevator… It is decorated with sword and some vintage (?) look signs. He also switched from roller legs to the welded steel legs of the coffee table recently. He said he wants to change the sofa next. But I think it is comfortable .. yeah I agree that the couch should be on the other side though. I realized I am saying some opinion sometimes.


Next, dining room.

This room is my favorite space where I spent most of the time. Surprisingly(again), the dining table was made by my roomie. We have been using a white oval extension table which he often complained but I did not expect that he has really done making it.

The previous table and the wall on color testing

The oak table board was well scraped and finished with white soap which can avoid changing to yellow over the years. (He tested the color for many times). He was working on many times even waking or sleeping.

This is the brand new table.

Well, since this table is very nice, I think it is a good idea to sell it in Japan. I know it sounds not easy but my original idea was bringing back the thought related to the design of Denmark to Japan. I mean I really want to add more nice design and thereby hopefully embed the way of thinking that prioritize the design in the Japanese society. So why not. We are working on how to and will let you know when we come up with more details.

This space is “hyggelig” (It is Danish means kind of “cozy”). I like the color combinations. Every time the guest comes, I can see they are chilling out here and never leave.

For your information, the lighting is my idea! Thanks for adopting. haha.

It is hard to see on this picture, but actually, the wall color is not white, it is champagne color. He tested the color for many times because it was kind of hard to make a decision of the right color combination with the kitchen. The kitchen shelves were painted in grey and the countertop was wooden orange-ish board. Eventually, it is perfectly fitted with champagne color.

This is the beginng of the test. (You could see probably more than 20 color paterns later)

Like an art?

This kitchen was used not a opend kitchen and it was actually a room with the wall. This kitchen is also my favorite because I love cooking!

Gradually I noticed that there are some famous stuffs in this kitchen such as George Jensen, Royal Copenhagen, Skagen and Normann Copenhagen. It never stands out but those are fitted naturally with other designs.

The funny thing about this kitchen (or hard thing for me) is that sometimes the microwave is located too high to reach (only me) which I did not realize there is a microwave when I came here. I need the chair or my roommate to use the microwave…

You will also find the handmade balcony. I did not know you can make balcony by yourself… Anyway this balcony is also well made in small space. 2 people can sit and you can fold down the table and the bench. There is also a grill set and a heater on the celling. Awesome!

Let’s go to my room next.

The window was a tall-skirted window and he turned into a frech balcony. It makes the room much more bright and looks bigger.

Most of funiture were already there and I have changed the layout and adding some decorations after I came here.There is a green pot from Ferm Living, stool and so on.

I decorated with post cards from some interior shops on the wall in front of the desk. It is good because you can easily change the layout or even the cards. The flower is artificial but the green is real dried eucalyptus which you do not need to take care every day. Easy!

How was it? I hooe you enjoyed the reveal of the apartment and sneak into danish life.

The experience living in Danmark gave me many inspirations. It is important to see something designed by famous designers but also it is important to see how the things are used in real life.

*Maybe this living experience is not usual though..

Thank you for reading and see you on next article!




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