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Do you know that Denmark has ranked in top 10 of coffee consuming nations?

According to the survey(I just heard of that), Danes drink about 1.5 cups of coffee per a day. It is a lot because of course some people like for example children who don’t drink coffee are also included.

But I understand that. Since I moved to Copenhagen, I really started to drink more than before, probably 2 cups of coffee per a day. It is pretty normal here starting a day with drinking coffee, meeting people drinking coffee, taking a break with drinking coffee…

Anyway, today I would like to share with you about “Coffee Collective”.

“Coffee Collective” is located in Frederiksberg Copenhagen. (Actually, I came here yesterday and it was closed because of some event so that I tried again.)


Inside of the cafe

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As an interior design, It is very simple and also represented as a cafe interior design. Basically, they use black and wood and the place is industry style as like a factory. If you want to make your room like a cafe, it is a very good example to imitate and add some essences like this design. If your room is not big enough or looks too simple with black chair and wood table or so, you should add some green pot in your room. It will make your room fresh and bright.



I normally order latte or cappuccino, but this time I ordered just normal black coffee to enjoy the flavor of the coffee.  The coffee named Duver Rojas, the flavor is like hazelnuts and grapes.

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It tastes very good. The flavor is creamy and I feel relieved.

I just finished up writing my dairy here. I will come back for brunch or lunch because it looks also nice.

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