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ちなみに、こちらのショールームにはErik Jørgensenの家具も一緒に展示されています。








3days of designはさらに続きます。

 [:en]After our visiting of Hay, we went to the showroom of Montana.

Montana is one of the Danish furniture companies that are selling many types of shelves. Thier shelves have various colors especially vivid or pastel colors which make room so bright. It is said that the combination of the shelves is about 5 thousand million. It is also sold in more than 20 countries in the world now.

Okay, let’s take a look inside then.


The bunch of balloons was welcoming us at the entrance. I was so excited when I come in. It was so “wow” moment and I think it is a very good idea to welcome people.


This is the second floor. As you can see, the theme color is pink with different tones. I like the mirrors and the layout of the shelves, some part of which as a bench.

This showroom has “Erik Jørgensen”‘s furniture as well.

Each room has a different theme. There was a white room which is, of course, all of the furniture was white and also all the decoration items were white. I was surprised because actually, it is very difficult to choose everything white, which looks easily being cheap or boring. I know if all items are nice, the whole design will be more than standard but it is important to focus on good layout and use different kinds of materials.


There are black rooms and green rooms and so on. I liked the smell of a black room. It is also a good idea to use dried flowers hanging from the ceiling.

I loved the bathroom setting with bright color. I think here in Denmark, the bathroom tends to be dark (maybe it is all bathroom not only in Denmark though) so that using pastel color and well-shaped shelves makes the room clean and bright.


There is an art room too. I want to have this kind of room in the future too.

Every time I come into a new room, I am so excited. The spacious design has a big effect to wow people. I definitely love to pursue more about design and continue this exploration.

To be creative and make peoples life happier.

3days of design is going to be continued…


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