[:ja]HAY (ヘイ)〜3 Days of Design〜 [:en]HAY  〜3 Days of Design〜[:]








 [:en]Next stop is HAY.

There are some Hay shops in the center of Copenhagen. But this time, Hay had another exhibition.

The location was close to Amalienborg slot and the building was very historical and classic.

I am so excited because the combination of modern furniture and a classic building is my favorite!

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As you can see, it was awesome. They have started new kitchen elements and we could see it. I loved the flower arrangement and also some decoration also.

I really want to share this wow moment with everybody and hopefully bring it back to Japan.

I just want to thank for being able to get this new inspiration.

2 Replies to “[:ja]HAY (ヘイ)〜3 Days of Design〜 [:en]HAY  〜3 Days of Design〜[:]”

  1. Looks nice. Amalgamation of contemporary newest Danish design and the rooms with historical decor is cool. Similar trial should also be possible in Japan.

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