[:ja]Kvadrat(クヴァドラ) 1st day of 〜3 days of designs〜[:en]Kvadrat 1st day of 〜3 days of designs〜[:]

[:ja]”3days of design”イベントの初日は、またまた友人に招待いただき、Pakhus 48というNordhavnに位置する会場にやってきました。家具ブランド、インテリアデザイン事務所、水洗メーカーなどが集まり、トークイベントや展示などが見られます。18:00すぎ頃から人が増えて来てなかなかの賑わいです。

Erik Jørgensenの家具

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Gam Fratesiのデザインの一つのこちらのマスクはミラノサローネの展示用にデザインされ、今ではGam Fratesiのシンボルのようになっています。

Gam Fratesiのマスク



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明日からはいろいろなショールームを見て歩こうと思っています。お楽しみに〜![:en]1st day of “3days of design”, I was again luckily invited to a party at Pakhus 48 in Nordhavn.

This time, different companies (Gam Fratesi was also there though) had the exhibition from yesterday.

So many people attended
The location was perfect
Erik Jørgensen’s furniture

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Gam Fratesi designed this mask for Milano Salone before and now it is a sort of their symbol.

Gam Fratesi’s mask

Actually, there are many kinds of food (sorry I forgot to take pictures). It was a very new fusion of menus I think. Some are so tasty and some are unique (haha)

The meeting room
Other exhibition

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It was a very nice experience for me to attend these party and talk about designs. Tomorrow, I will visit many showrooms! Look forward to it !!


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