[:ja]”3Days of Design”がはじまります。[:en]”3Days of Design” has just started [:]


“3 Days of Design”をご存知ですか?

“3 Days of Design”は、2012年にコペンハーゲンで始まったインテリアデザインのイベントです。日本のデザインウィークにも似ていて、多くの家具屋やインテリア会社が参加をして、それぞれが特別なイベントをします。他の見本市やデザインウィークのように大きくはないですが、個人的には、北欧デザインの代表であるデンマークのデザインが中心なので、とても見応えのある内容だと思います。



今回の会場は、通常4つの会社がオフィスとして使用している場所です。そのうちの一つ”Gam Fratesi”という会社に友人が勤めています。イタリア人とデンマーク人のカップルの会社で、ホテルなどの設計から小さな製品のプロダクトなどを手がけていて、ミラノサローネ等にも出るなど、今とても勢いのある会社です。


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とにかくこれから三日間の”3 Days of Design”がとっても楽しみです!![:en]Hi, guys. Have you heard of “3 Days of Design”?

“3 Days of Design” is an annual event established in 2012 by the Danish companies, which you can visit more than 70 venues and events with new concepts in lifestyle, lighting and interior design.

This year, the event was from 1st to 3rd of June. I also attended a pre-opening party. Actually, It was lucky because I invited by two of my friends who are working at the company. I biked to the place (the location was in Nørrebro) but I was stuck in the middle of “Distortion” which is a big street music event in Copenhagen. It was also a windy day that I could not move forward fast. But anyway, I made the way to the location somehow.

4 companies participated in the pre-opening party. Gam Fratesi is the company I have known it through my friend. Gam Fratesi is an interior design company which combining the Danish furniture and craft tradition and classic Italian intellectual and conceptual approach.

some of the products are displayed

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Normally, 4 companies are working in this office. And they turned into here to be a beautiful party place. They displayed some of their products and it was so balanced that we still can see it is their office, also adding some specialty as the party.


The office turned into a beautiful party place.

I love here the most is the ceiling. It makes the room big and bright the high window. Also, I felt like I was in the museum.

I and my friends enjoyed some drinks (more than 4 glasses) and food and met some new people. It is always good opportunities to meet new people who are related to Interior design which will make new business.

Table decor

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Unlike the simpleness of the exhibition, the table decoration was so gorgeous. I always feel that Danes decoration average level are so high. This feeling makes me excited about next 3 days exhibition.


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